Winter Concert

This year’s Winter Concert is postponed, and will take place Friday, January 8th. Please see the overview below.

KISD Smart Restart protocols apply

The concerts will take place in the CRHS PAC

Each orchestra has a warm up

Each orchestra has their own performance window

Limited audience, masks required. Audience member must sit in alternating rows and families must sit three seats away from the nearest person.

Audience and performers must leave immediately following their performance. Audience members will exit the PAC into the main hallway and exit through the doors at the very West end of the building.

There will be 30 minutes between each concert to re-circulate the air

Dress for performers is the 2020 Orchestra Shirt, Jeans, and closed toe shoes

Warm Up Times

Camerata 4:15pm

Philharmonia Maroon 5:00pm

Philharmonia White 5:45pm

Chamber 6:30pm

Sinfonietta 7:15pm

Sinfonia 8:00pm

Performance Times

Camerata 5:00pm

Philharmonia Maroon 5:45pm

Philharmonia White 6:30pm

Chamber 7:15pm

Sinfonietta 8:00pm

Sinfonia 8:45pm